Euro-Meter is the newest technology in euro coin electric meters. We supply Spain, UK, Germany, France, Portugal, Belgium, Canaries, Cyprus, Malta, Ireland and Europe.  

The company, Euro-meter, was set up to supply euro coin electric meters to the domestic and leisure rental markets based in the UK with offices in Almeria Spain we are the only authorised suppliers in Spain, France, Germany, Portugal South & North of Ireland.  This euro coin electric meter protects the owners of the property or landlords against misuse or excessive use of electrical items.  It also helps domestic users to budget for their monthly bills as the euro coin electric meter will only provide electric as you pay as you use, and for tenants to be aware of exactly how much their usage is so there can be no disputes over electricity bills with the landlord.

It has taken many years of research and development to get to where we are today with the BM200  coin prepayment electric meter developed for european markets. This model is the best electronic euro coin  prepayment electricity meter for the measurement and control of electrical energy.  It is primarily intended to replace the old  coin electro-mechanical meters which have been used for more than 80 years. Its main applications are for use in flats, caravans, chalets and air conditioning units.

If you own a rental property in the UK,  Europe, and Spain, and want  your tenants and holiday renters to pay for exactly the amount of electricity they use then install one of our coin electric meters. This will also make your tenants think about how much electicity they use. It is not uncommon that people leave the property for the day and forget to switch off the air conditioning or heating. This probably means very little to them as they are on holiday, but as the person who pays the electicity bills this is not a laughing matter. Help yourself save money and the unnecessary shock of huge domestic bills on your property here in Europe and Spain by installing a Euro-Meter. This may also help to reduce your properties carbon foot print and in turn do your bit to save the planet from global warming.



Euro coin meter

Euro Coin Meter in Europe

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Euro Coin Electric Meter
Get your property running costs down by using BM200 euro coin electric meter. This will protect you from electric abuse by tenants. You can set the rate you want to charge per kilowatt. You can add credit manually should you wish to give a certain amount of electricity within the rent. When you use the property yourself you do not have to put coins through the meter as you can enter the management software allowing you to use the electric in the normal way, bypassing the coin requirement. The meter has a digital display so that you can see exactly how many kilowatts have been used, how many 1 and 2 euro coins have been put into the meter and how much credit is remaining. This gives you full control and stops any misuse by tenants. This also prevents tenants vacating the property before settling electricity bills. If you have a property management company or in the property rental market these meters are invaluable. If you would like to see one working please do not hesitate to contact us. All the feed back from the meters that have been installed is positive. We are looking for installers all over Spain. This is a good business opportunity as this is a money saving product.